Health sector

Innovative solutions to make smarter decisions and improve results

Health companies worldwide are facing common challenges such as rising costs, lack of uniformity in the quality and rapidly evolving regulation and affects public and private health care. In all sectors of the field of health, it is recognized that technology is a powerful tool for the participation of citizens and patients to make more intelligent decisions and improve results.

CGI has extensive experience in the development and integration of solutions and IT negocioclínicas for public and private compañíassanitarias throughout Europe and North America, and helps its customers to anticipate the challenges and achieve real transformation. In addition, our business model of customer proximity promotes understanding of local markets and political contexts, while benefitting service systems and CGI's global capabilities to provide cost effective solutions that best fit all platforms.

CGI provides services to taxpayers, suppliers and regulators in the field of public health; a private healthcare institutions, integrated health systems and taxpayers; and the pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, with an offer centered on:

In addition, our offer to the demands of the health sector include cloud computing , security , application management and business process services .

 Experience and knowledge

  • CGI provides electronic medical records (EMR) insurance to millions of European citizens in several countries.
  • As a partner of some Ministries of Health of Canada, CGI supports critical applications, including records and interoperable electronic medical records and business intelligence / data warehouse.
  • As a partner of the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, websites managed by CGI provide information that helps 49 million beneficiaries compare health plans and medication.
  • More than 200,000 health professionals and more than 1,000 centers use the ECM solutions Sovera ® CGI.